Commercial Shop Fit Installation

During this project, our team successfully completed a wide range of tasks. We began by installing new customer college desks, which required the implementation of new circuits for clean and dirty power.

To ensure efficient cable routing, we added galvanised trunking drops as containment, allowing the cables to descend from the high-level trunking to the customer college desks. Inside the desks, we installed dado trunking for clean computer sockets and dirty power sockets.

In addition, we relocated the drop-down reels to Canalis lighting trunking to provide backlighting for the fireplace stands. We also installed a new DPD desk, which involved incorporating a new length of dado trunking and wiring in two supplies: one for clean power and one for dirty power. To enhance visibility in the area, we added an LED batten fitting.

The installation of new tills was a significant undertaking, requiring our team to work tirelessly throughout the night. We removed the old tills and reconfigured the galvanised trunking to accommodate the new till layout. Once the containment was in place, we extended the existing supplies and added new sockets for all the new till locations. Despite the pressure to complete the tills before the store opened in the morning, our team remained resilient and accomplished the task.

Another notable aspect of the project was the creation of a new paint mixing area. We installed new containment drops to route the cables to the paint mixing area and connected two brand new circuits (clean and dirty supply) from existing distribution boards. Dado trunking was added around and beneath the paint mixing area to accommodate the appropriate clean and dirty power supplies within the area.

The team invested a great deal of effort over a span of two weeks in constructing the new lighting display area. We installed a new consumer unit fed from a 3-phase 80-amp Canalis tap-off unit. Once the distribution board and isolator were in place, we proceeded to install numerous galvanised trunking drops for cable routing from the consumer unit. We then wired the 20 new circuits using 4mm single cables, providing power for the lighting display area. These circuits were terminated into sockets on top of the lighting display area, allowing merchandisers to connect their lighting display boards. The end result of our hard work was a fantastic-looking display area.