Temporary Warehouse Lighting

Our task was to provide temporary 110V lighting for external use, ensuring that the workers on the site had adequate lighting levels to carry out their tasks safely and effectively.

To achieve this, we strategically positioned a 110V transformer inside the building. From there, we ran 1.5mm 3-core yellow flex cables around the building to supply power to the temporary lights.

Temporary lighting plays a crucial role on construction sites, enabling uninterrupted workflow and ensuring optimal visibility for all workers. By implementing the appropriate lighting solution, we facilitated a productive and safe working environment.

Our team understands the importance of temporary lighting in supporting efficient project execution. We take pride in our ability to provide reliable and well-planned solutions to meet the specific needs of each site. By leveraging our expertise and utilising quality materials, we ensure that all tasks can be carried out smoothly, even in challenging conditions.

We are committed to providing effective temporary lighting solutions that prioritise the safety and productivity of the site, enabling all workers to perform their tasks with confidence.