Gym LED Lighting Upgrade

At the client's request, we successfully installed new LED lighting with motion sensors throughout the premises, as they were transitioning into a 24-hour gym. Our goal was to ensure that the lights would only be activated when necessary, aligning with the gym's operational hours while promoting energy efficiency and cost savings.

To meet the client’s requirements and optimize their lighting setup, we devised a tailored design. Our team commenced the project by replacing the existing light fittings while utilizing the existing wiring infrastructure. We took the necessary steps to blank off light switches and strategically incorporated motion sensors in appropriate areas.

We take pride in delivering clean and tidy workmanship, and this project was no exception. The gym’s appearance has been significantly enhanced with the installation of the new LED lighting, resulting in a brighter and more practical environment for its extended opening hours. As part of our commitment to responsible disposal, we ensured that all existing fittings were properly removed and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

We are thrilled to have met the client’s expectations and contributed to the successful transformation of their gym space.