Lloyds Bank

We were entrusted with a diverse range of electrical tasks during the Lloyds Bank refresh project. Our dedicated team diligently worked to meet the client's needs and timelines. Throughout the project, we performed circuit isolations and installed new power points to enhance the functionality of the bank.

One notable aspect of the project involved the installation of a knowledge bar. Behind the television, we skillfully placed the power and data outlets, ensuring a seamless integration with the display. Inside the unit, we also installed general power sockets to cater to various electrical requirements. Our meticulous approach ensured that both aesthetic and functional considerations were met.

Furthermore, in line with the client’s specifications, we introduced a new length of dado trunking inside the bank, complete with a double socket. This addition not only met the client’s requirements but also provided convenience and accessibility to power outlets within the space.

Throughout the steady two-week duration of the project, we worked closely with other contractors to ensure smooth coordination and timely completion. Our commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering exceptional results ensured the client’s satisfaction.

We take pride in our ability to exceed client expectations, both in terms of quality workmanship and customer service. The end product of this project reflects our dedication to professionalism and attention to detail. We strive to continuously uphold industry standards and leave our clients impressed with the final outcome.

For all your electrical needs, trust our team to deliver outstanding results, ensuring your satisfaction and the seamless functionality of your space.