MHE Chargepoint installation

The team thoroughly enjoyed executing the works on the new MHE chargepoint, resulting in an impeccably organised and visually appealing installation. We commenced the project by meticulously placing the necessary containment and constructing a robust framework to accommodate the new distribution board.

With the containment and framework in place, we proceeded to mount essential accessories, including the consumer unit, rotary isolators, sockets, and an emergency stop button. To ensure seamless functionality, we strategically positioned a contactor enclosure above the distribution board. This allowed the circuits to be promptly cut off when the emergency stop button was pressed, prioritizing safety in the operational process.

The wiring phase presented some complexities as we worked diligently to integrate all components through the contactors, ensuring the proper functioning of the emergency stop button. Careful attention was given to every detail to guarantee the seamless operation of the system.

Following the completion of the wiring stage, we moved on to the second fix, meticulously finalizing the distribution board, isolators, and sockets. Our team’s commitment to delivering exceptional workmanship was evident in every aspect of the installation.

The end product was nothing short of remarkable. The combination of our team’s expertise and attention to detail resulted in a visually striking and highly functional MHE chargepoint. We take great pride in our ability to execute projects to the highest standards, and this installation stands as a testament to our team’s dedication and skill.

Choose our team for your future projects, and you can expect exceptional work, meticulous attention to detail, and a visually impressive end product that exceeds expectations.