Trade Point Installation

Significant progress was made in the Trade Point area, involving a range of tasks aimed at improving functionality and aesthetics. The installation of new tills was a time-sensitive endeavour, requiring swift execution to ensure operational readiness the following day.

The project commenced with the installation of galvanised trunking containment, carefully routing it from the existing trunking to the new till locations. Wiring the new tills involved the provision of two supplies: clean and dirty power. Given the existing dado trunking beneath the tills, our team skilfully inserted back boxes to accommodate the layout and connect to the clean and dirty supplies. Upon completing the wiring and ensuring proper placement of cables within the back boxes, we proceeded with the installation of socket fronts.

Relocating heaters was another aspect of the project that demanded meticulous effort. This involved relocating the sub-mains distribution board, establishing new containment for wiring, and constructing a sturdy unistrut frame for the heaters. The result was an impeccably organised and functional heater arrangement in their new location.

Furthermore, light fittings were relocated to the centre of the aisles to align with the repositioned racking. This straightforward yet essential task was efficiently handled by our team, ensuring proper illumination of the designated areas.

Lastly, we installed new interfaces for the roller shutter doors, integrating them with the fire alarm system. This safety measure allows the doors to automatically drop in the event of a fire, effectively preventing the spread of flames.

Throughout the project, our team demonstrated exceptional workmanship and attention to detail, resulting in a tidy and efficient installation. We take pride in delivering high-quality solutions that enhance functionality, aesthetics, and safety in the Trade Point area.